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In computer science, Queueing Theory is the study of queue s as a technique for managing processes and objects in a computer. A queue can be studied in terms of: the source of each queued item, how frequently items arrive on the queue, how long they can or should wait, whether some items should jump ahead in the queue, how multiple queues might be formed and managed, and the rules by which items are enqueued and dequeued. Queuing theory is used to develop more efficient queuing systems that reduce customer wait times and increase the number of customers that can be served.

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  • Algorithms for complex queues
  • Approximation methods for complex queues
  • Attributes of the Multi-service Loss Model
  • Bit-rate Versus Service Rate
  • Blocking Probability
  • Computation of Blocking Probability in Circuit Switched Networks by Erlang
  • Dimensioning Based on Delay Distribution
  • Finite Number of Servers
  • Fixed-Point Approximation
  • Insensitivity and Many Classes of Customers
  • Jackson Networks
  • Load Classifications and Definitions.
  • Markovian queues
  • Mean Queue Size, Delay, Waiting Time and Delay Factor
  • Multi-server Loss Systems with Non-Poisson Input
  • Network simulation
  • Obtaining the Blocking Probability by Successive Iterations
  • Other Reversibility Criteria for Markov Chains
  • Overflow Traffic of M/M/k/k
  • Parameter Conversion in Optical Circuit Switched Networks
  • Pollaczek Khintchine Formula: by Kendall’s Recursion and Residual Service Approach
  • Proportion of time spent in each state
  • Queueing Systems – a journal of queueing theory
  • Queueing Theory and Stochastic Teletraffic Model c Moshe Zukerman
  • Recursion and Jagerman Formula
  • Solving the Steady-State Equations
  • Steady state behavior of general service time queues
  • The notion of queueing network
  • The Small Idle Period Limit
  • The Steady-State Equations and Their Solution
  • Use of queueing network in manufacturing systems

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