Design of Experiments and Statistical Process Control Assignment Homework Help

Statistical Concepts and tools have been successfully applied for decades in sectors such as chemicals, automobile manufacturing, and computer chip manufacturing. However, their use in the far more regulated pharmaceutical industry presents some unique challenges.  Statistical process control is a method of quality control which uses statistical methods. SPC is applied in order to monitor and control a process. Monitoring and controlling the process ensures that it operates at its full potential. Control charts show the variation in a measurement during the time period that the process is observed. In contrast, bell-curve type charts, such as histograms or process capability charts show a summary or snapshot of the results. Control charts are an essential tool of continuous quality control.  www.statisticsonlineassignmenthelp believes in not only assisting in the respective projects but also strives to make the student well versed in the  subject and making them aware of the core knowledge so that they can comprehend the assignment easily, which ultimately helps in fetching higher grades. We at www.statisticsonlineassignmenthelp provide Expert Knowledge and guidance in Design of Experiment and Statistical process Control.

Students studying Design of Experiment can avail our help in completing their projects or assignments at a reasonable & minimal cost with quality par excellence in the following topics:

  • Analysis of covariance in a general Gauss-Markov model                      
  • Analysis of lattice design                 
  • ANOVA Gauge R&R                          
  • Balance incomplete block design (BIBD)              
  • Best estimates and testing the significance of factorial effects                           
  • Complete partial and balanced confounding and its anova table.          
  • Completely Randomized Design (CRD)                             
  • Estimation of process capability                
  • F 2 and 3 factorial experiments in randomized blocks               
  • First order and second order response surface designs            
  • First order designs and orthogonal designs                    
  • Fixed, mixed and random effects models             
  • Gage repeatability and reproducibility studies                
  • General block design and its information matrix                         
  • Intra block analysis of bib design              
  • Intra block design analysis of yauden square design                                          
  • Model validation and use of transformation                                                        
  • Randomized Block Design (RBD)              
  • Recovery of interblock information                                  
  • Response surface (central composite and Box-Behnken)                                              
  • Split plot and split block experiments                               
  • Test for variance components                   
  • Treatment-control designs             
  • Tukey’s test for additivity                                                   
  • Western Electric and Nelson control rules to control chart data                      
  • Youden design-intrablock analysis and Youden squares design           

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